Train - Episode 101 - The Door, Series Premiere

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Train - Episode 101 - The Door, Series Premiere Empty Train - Episode 101 - The Door, Series Premiere

Post by masoud90 on Sat Nov 24, 2007 4:26 pm

They were the perfect friends. They had the best luck with everything. Perfect school, perfect life, and perfect everything. But that was before the winds of adulthood blew in their way. Jane always kept her feelings towards Marc to herself and dream of telling him how he felt right before graduation. Telling her best friend her true feelings was something that seemed impossible and it was even worse when Marc announced to everyone that him and Paris are getting married right after graduation. After graduation, the night before Marc's wedding, Paris passed away in a tragic car crash which made it impossible for Jane to admit her feelings for him.
What was coming was no one's guess. Depressed Marc had decided to kill himself because all the promises he had made to Paris were not going to happen as he entered Boston University after the summer ends. It didn't take long for Jane to realize what Marc will do since she had known him all her life. Now that Jane knows what Marc is going to do, she tries her best to get tot he building him and Paris had their first date on. Jane is worried that she is too late and he has already attempted suicide. Jane gets very nervous when she is stuck in traffic so she gets out of the cab and runs to the building where Marc might be at.
"Oh Marc, I'm getting there soon," she says.

Lindsay struggles with her grades in college as she tries to remain strong with the situations she has been keeping from everyone and her school life. But how long can she wait till everything falls apart for her?

James tries to help out Natasha with her art Portfolio but what it turns out to be is just an excuse for them to get to know each other more. They talk and talk and realize that they have a lot in common.
"The people you least expect to be your true love, are the ones that will surprise you the most," James says.
"And, who is your love interest?" Natasha says as she hopes James' answer is her.
However, they get interrupted when a phone call from Lindsay and Ed lets them know that they might be losing one of their best friends.

Jane has the worst luck when it comes to this situation as she runs through the stairs when the elevator is broken. But would it be too late since Marc has made up his mind and he is near the edge of the building and ready to jump?

Ed calls the police and lets them know that a suicide attempt is taking place at the "Labella Disastro" building.

When Marc leasts expects it, Jane enters the roof area and starts to hug him.
"Marc I know what you want to do. But don't do it."
"How? How did you find out? I have to, there is no other way to end this!"
"End what? Marc you don't have to do this. You don't want to do this. I can't live without you!"
"There is no reason for me to live. Its pointless, no one cares about me. I lost the person that loved me the most. I lost the person I ever loved. I have no one!"
"That's not true Marc. I wish you knew. I wish I told you this earlier. I wish I could end this before it even got here. Oh Marc, you have no idea how long I have been waiting."
"Waiting for what Jane?"
"Waiting for you Marc! I am in love with you. I love you. I always have been. I couldn't let you know because I was afraid of you not responding to me."
"Jane why didn't you tell me? You could have told me! If I knew, if I knew that..."
"Marc please don't do this. Now you know. Now you know I care. You have a group of amazing friends who care about you. Marc, Please. I beg you Marc, there are other ways."
"I wish there were. I'm sorry Jane, I just can't," Marc says as she slowly goes to the edge of the roof.
"Marc please don't do this. I love you. I won't survive without you. I won't live without you. Don't make the biggest mistake you ever made. Don't leave me alone. Please don't do this Marc, Please!" Jane says as she cries and begs him not to.
"I love you too. But I am sorry Jane, I'm so sorry." As Marc says bye to Jane, he jumps off.
Jane runs to stop Marc and hold his hand. The police arrives at the time where it is too late and nothing can be done.
While Lindsay holds Jane away, Jane cries and all her memories of Marc come back.

"I want you to know that no matter what, I will always be here for you" Jane says to Marc.
"How do I get to impress Paris? I mean she is just the one for me and I have liked her for the longest time," Marc asks Jane while Jane struggles to give an answer.
"Promise me that when we go to college, you would always be right by my side!" Marc and Jane make promises before entering a whole new world.
"He is the one for me. I know it. He is just amazing. I could tell him everything and he would still be the amazing guy that he is," Jane says.
"I wish he knew that I like him this much," Jane says.
"Well, he isn't going to wait forever, you know!" Lindsay says.
"Marc Please don't do this. You don't have to do this."
"I love you too. But I'm sorry Jane," Marc said as he jumped off.

All that happened come back to Jane and she runs towards the edge of the roof and screams "NO!"
Susie and Natasha take Jane down the building. As they exit out of the room, they see blood everywhere and Marc's dead body being carried to the ambulance.
Ed tells James that he is really worried about Jane and the other girls and how they would react to the situation.

On an all-new Train:
"Make sure you stay with her so she wouldn't do anything stupid," Lindsay says to Cathy.
...Next on Train, its time to say goodbye and leave the past behind...
"I can't do this Cathy. I just can't. I loved him and now he is gone," Jane says.

"I know it might not be the right time, but I wanted to know if you would go out with me," James asks Natasha as she smiles back at him.
Train this season guarantees to keep you on the edges of your seats when new friendships are formed...
"His name is Andy. I think you should go and talk to him," Cathy says to Jane.

...And old ones break apart...
"This is ridiculous, move on darn it!" Cathy tells Jane very harshly.

"I will not let you date my daughter and this the end of it!" Natasha's dad tells James.
Train is all new! Don't miss it!
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Train - Episode 101 - The Door, Series Premiere Empty Re: Train - Episode 101 - The Door, Series Premiere

Post by ChellixWoah on Sat Nov 24, 2007 4:33 pm

That was amazing!!
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