this is going to sound REALLY weird...

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this is going to sound REALLY weird...

Post by xLaurenx on Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:06 pm


my technology teacher..
i practically have a crush on him.
okay, he is like.. A LOT OLDER.
dont think i am some weird.. perverted (mod/admin sry if that isnt allowed here. let me know and ill change it..) girl.

but he is SO nice.

some of you know this, but i got hurt in technology really bad, and he was so sweet about it. he helped me clean it up and he made sure i had somebody to go to the nurse with.

then today i got a get well card from him. even though i just got a deep gash and had to get a tetanus shot.
and then he gave me chocolate cuz i had a boo boo. =P

he is seriously the best teacher ever.
i have so much fun in his class.
BAHA. escaping from evil humanities.

of course i only have him for one trimester, but next year i can do advanced tech in his class..
which would be ALL YEAR. =P

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Re: this is going to sound REALLY weird...

Post by PeanutShellz on Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:20 pm

don't worry, we all get crushes onpeople older thatn us. Once, me and david had this huge obsession with hillary duff Razz lolZ, we would somtimes fight over who liked her more Laughing (david usualy won Mad ) but now that is over. You'll get over him, too

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